Ordering Ideas In Your Essay
(adapted from our textbook)
Considering the Needs of Your Readers: Analyzing Your Order of

1. Are the details in each paragraph arranged in some logical order?
a. Can the reader follow the progression of thought from one idea to the next? And one detail
to the next?

b. Where, if at all, may the reader become confused by details that are not arranged
logically?  How may this be addressed?

2. In what way(s) are the details arranged?  
a. Where are details arranged chronologically?(Common: Narration/Proces Analysis)  Where
may the writer further assist readers by  incorporating chronological order?  

b. Where, if at all, are details arranged spatially? according to some pattern across space: top
to bottom, left to right, near to far, front to back, inside to outside, and so on (Common:
Description) Where may the writer further assist readers by incorporating spatial order?

c. Where, if at all, are details arranged progressively?  
according to importance: a.) starting with the least important detail and moving to the most
important detail b.) strongest points first and last, with everything else in between
Practice Analysis
"A Lab Right Out of a Horror
Movie" (pgs. 427-428)
"Feeding Time" (pg. 433)
"Youth Isn't Everything" (pg. 435)
"Learning to Learn" (pgs. 374-375)
"Wait Divisions" (pgs. 445-447)