Topic Sentences
Qualities of an Effective Topic Sentence                            
(Genre: Academic Essay)
1. provides the overall point of a specific body paragraph

2. supports the thesis statement

3. one complete sentence

4. provides the focus of the paragraph

5. often the first sentence of each body paragraph
(required placement for first project)

6. should not announce intentions ("This paragraph will show . . .")

7. requires supporting evidence to prove and/or explain a manageable

8. does not include second person (you, your)

Topic Sentence or Bust

1. The wedding packages at Excalibur are relatively inexpensive.

2.  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

2. The Venetian offers romantic gondola rides.

3. Benefits of dining at Viva Madrid include the music, the
entertainment, and the food.

4. Viva Madrid offers romantic music.

5. The Botanical Gardens are the perfect place to visit.

6. The Botanical Gardens offer a variety of hiking trails.

7. You will love the hiking trails.

8. The hiking trails are wonderful for everyone.

9. The Viva Madrid menu features a variety of delicious tapas.

10. This paragraph will show that the Viva Madrid menu features a
variety of delicious tapas.

11. My purpose in this paragraph is to demonstrate that Mandolino's
offers excellent service.

12. Mandolino's Restaurant features high-quality service.

13. Mandolino's Restaurant is located in Mexicali, Mexico.

14. The Hip Kitty features delicious fondue and mellow jazz.

15. The Hip Kitty features mellow jazz music.

16. The Hip Kitty is a good place to go for entertainment.

17. The Hip Kitty's jazz music provides appropriate entertainment for a
first date.