Sample Description Paragraph: A Lab Right Out of a Horror Movie
(Clouse: Cornerstones:
Readings for Writers)

Last Thursday while sitting in biology lab listening to Dr. Dodd's lecture, I felt as if I
were in the midst of Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory.  I shuddered with a tingling chill as
I eyed the cage full of white rats squealing madly as they awaited their death. Next to
the doomed rats was a liquid-filled jar imprisoning a dead kitten, and next to the kitten
was a rack of test tubes filled with a slimy white gel.  On the waist-high counter that
runs the length of the far wall were the objects for the students scientific study: a
parched bone with its greasy, yellow marrow, a dissected fetal pig displaying its once
life-sustaining organs, and a pan of clear liquid nurturing a clump of flesh brain
tissue.  Behind Dr. Frankenstein-Dodd hung an ancient skeleton, the remains of life
unknown, suspended from a steel bar.  In front of him on the lab table was a
squirming rat that had just been dropped in a jar of ether.  Slowly the rat stopped
fighting as the toxic fumes filled its lungs.  The frenzied scientist donned a white lab
coat and reached for a razor-sharp scalpel.  Suddenly ill, I turned my head left, toward
the glass case by the door.  A giant blue eye, a model locked away in the case, stared
straight at me.  I closed my eyes to avoid all the hideous sights and noticed once
again the stench of formaldehyde I weeks ago had ceased to notice.  Suddenly I was
forced back to the business at hand as Dr. Dodd called the class to the front to view
the dissection.  As I walked to the lab table I thought, "Wouldn't it be funny if Igor
shuffled in about now?"  
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