Questions: Career Clusters

1. Dialectical Responses
2. Your primary career cluster(s)? Your secondary area(s)?

3. What direct content connection(s) do you see emerging between The
Circle and your primary and/or secondary career cluster interests?

4. Example(s) of ways your discipline may approach and study The

5. Which library databases may be most helpful for research within your
career cluster discipline(s)?

6. Which may be most useful for approaching The Circle from your
primary and/or secondary career clusters' perspectives?

7. Building a Chino Circle: Same Questions
a. What kinds of writing, reading, and critical thinking are common in this
b. Which professional societies are available? Student memberships?
c. How may students develop connections with others who share their
career cluster interests? (other students/faculty advisors/other)
d. How may students learn and share information about internships and
other opportunities?
e. What kinds of on campus activities may help students connect?
f. Additional Questions