Self-Evaluation 2016 (Please click here.)

Date of Evaluation: 10/20/16    Time of Evaluation: 9:30 am
Course: English 1A                  Section Number: 90633
Class Location: CHMB 260

Video Demonstration (mp4 format)
This video demonstration features sample homework
materials and a Moodle site tour.

English 1A Syllabus for Section 90633
Updated Schedule for Section 90633

Photography Essay: Assignment Sheet

Researched Argument Essay: Resource Guide  

Additional materials (including access to all materials
shared in the introductory video) are available upon

Sample Course Resources:
Annenberg Space for Photography
Ted Talk, "The Danger of a Single Story"
Smithsonian (including the new African-American history
and culture museum)
Materials for
Dean Tony DiSalvo