Always bring the books and your work in progress to class.  We regularly
use the books for in-class activities and discussions.  Some in-class
activities and discussions require uses of work in progress to complete.

Introductions: Students, Instructor, Course

Dialectical Responses: English 1B

Quotation Collage: Directions
Palette of Rhetorical Strategies
Chapter Six: Support
Quotation Collages: Informal Samples
How to Write an Annotated Bibliography
Sample Annotated Bibliography
Annotated Bibliography: OWL Purdue
APA Documentation Style
MLA Documentation Style
Chicago Style

1B Online Reading Links (includes additional Hunger Games links)

Warm Up: Challenging and Confirming
Predicting & Developing Essay Prompts:  A Good Skill for In-Class Exam Study
Essay Assignment Options to Consider (Official Assignment Sheet Distributed Next Class)
The Hunger Games Collages and Resource Lists: MW & TTH CLASSES
A Palette of Strategies and Approaches: Argumentation
Approaches to Argument: The Great Debate

DAY FOUR (4/4) Approaches to Argument / Preparing for the Hunger Games debate
/Assignment Sheet + Selecting Sources for Project One

Project One Assignment Sheet
TTH Updated Schedule

Due Today: Notebook Entry #1(1,000 or more words) Read: The Hunger Games and Related
Texts / Complete: Dialectical Responses / Read Chapter One: Approaches to Argument / Complete:
Dialectical Response / Read Chapter Five: Claims / Complete: Dialectical Response   

DAY FIVE (4/9)
No Class Today/Complete Dialectical Responses (at least 500 words) for your sources

DAY SIX (4/11)
Outlining and Developing Arguments: Hunger Games Debate/Project One
Integrating Sources

Due Today: Sources and Dialectical Responses for Sources - at least 500 words (worth four
extra credit points each due to schedule change)
Idea Generation for Project One
Approaches to Argument: The Great Debate
Source Uses: Frame, Explain, Respond

Tentative Plans:
The Great Debate
Argument Analysis Graph
pg. 269-270/Practice Activity
Warrants: Overview
Argument Analysis Graph (Portfolio Connections, Considering Prior Knowledge, Evaluating Level of Understanding:
Featured Components)
Project One: Dialectical Responses
Idea Generation, Project Two
Assignment Sheet
Continued Idea Generation / Mini Conferences
Looking Ahead: Project Two Readings (Also See: Textbook Chapters Four & Six)
Looking Ahead: Library Databases and Project Two

Due Today:
Project One File (Final Draft of Project One, Idea Generation Materials)    

DAY EIGHT (4/23)
Elements of Argument /Assignment Sheet (reviewed)
Current Plans: Essay Topics
Warm-Up / Discussion of Warm-Ups
Library Databases and Project Two
Field Research and Project Two
Sample Interview Questions
Establishing Connections: Group Activity on Student/Faculty Interaction/Project Two
Directions: Group Activity
Mini Conferences with Professor Davis

Field Research Survey: Community College Survey of Student Engagement

Out of Class/Work on NB#3: Begin Reading/Begin Researching
JOURNALS REQUIRED) Selected Texts: Faculty/Student Interaction, Self-Efficacy, Career
Development / Work On: Dialectical Responses / Chapter Four Definition / Chapter Six Support /
Work on: Dialectical Responses

DAY NINE (4/25)
Warm Up
Sign Up for Groups
Student/Instructor Mini Conferences
Group Activities:
Faculty/Student Interaction (Defining, Researching, Policy Argument)
Connections to Project Two (continued)
See: Day Eight Links

Due Today:
Notebook Entry #3 (1,000 or more words) Selected Texts: Faculty/Student Interaction,
Self-Efficacy, Career Development, Project Two Sources / Work On: Dialectical Responses / Chapter
Four Definition / Chapter Six Support / Dialectical Responses

DAY TEN (4/30)
Further Development: Project Two arguments

Bring Today:
Project Two Outline = worth four extra credit points
Work in Progress (strongly suggested: bring sources)

Argument Analysis: Published Writers and Group Member Essays
Logical Fallacies Practice
Review: Argument Analysis Graph
Distribution/Sharing & Responding: Project One & Project Two Portfolio Drafts

Due Today: Project Two / Please bring copies of your Project One and Project Two drafts for the
appropriate group members (in preparation for dialectical responses/due during the group meeting)

Group Meetings
Comment Guide
Due Today (at the time of your group meeting): Notebook Entry #4(1,000 or more words) Chapter
Seven: Warrants, Chapter Eight: Logic, Chapter Nine: Language, Group Member Essay Drafts

Activity Menu for Today /Argument Analysis
(Please bring all of your work in progress.)

Today Options

Due Today:
Final Portfolio including Project One, Project Two, & Argument Analysis (Project Three)