1. We will be using Canvas for completing a variety of in-class activities
and homework assignments.

Please watch the following brief videos to learn more about the Canvas
Learning Management system:
Canvas Overview
b. Submitting Assignments
c. Discussions

2. Please visit Canvas here. Use your My Chaffey log in information to
sign in. You will see two course areas (Utsler-All Classes and English
1B) associated with our class.

3. Visit the Utsler-AllClasses area on Canvas.

Please watch for further guidance:
Instructional Video: Introducing Yourself to Your Group (mp4)

In Utsler All-Classes: Introduce yourself to your Career Cluster group.

4. Visit the regular Canvas English 1B class area.

Please watch for further guidance:
Video Instructions for the Discussion and the Homework Activity below
(mp4 video)

In the regular English 1B class area:

a. Participate in the active shooter discussion. (two posts)
b. Complete the homework due next class. (one assignment in the
homework area for 1/23)