1. What is the overall point of the essay?  If you are not sure, what main point seems to
“hover around the edges” (Elbow/Clouse)?
2. What specific reasons does the writer provide to support the overall point?  What
rhetorical strategies does the writer use to support these reasons?  (Exemplification?  
Description?  Narration?  Illustration?)
3. What do you want to read more about?  Why?
4. Which example is the most memorable?  Why?   
5. Where does the essay hop from one idea to another unexpectedly?
6. Identify specific words that appeal to sight, sound, smell, touch, and/or taste.  
7. Identify places where additional descriptive (sight, sound, smell, etc.) words may be
8. Identify a place in the essay where a new example may be helpful.
9. Identify a place in the essay where additional details, related to a provided example, may
be helpful.
10.  Underline up to five specific places where grammatical or other concerns may interfere
with the reader's understanding.
11.  Circle general words that could be more specific.
12: Other:
Response Menu: Location Essay