Infusing Career
Development In Instruction

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Career and College Success Project (Spring 2018)
Collaborating Across Classes Using Canvas:
Student Groups Based on Career Interests
Building Self-Efficacy: Career-Related Skills
Sample Group Roles
Career Research Collage and Essay Assignment
**I have not used the following assignment for a
very long time. The following presentation is from
my first Faculty Success Center Summer Institute
experience - many years ago.  

Research Collage and Essay
Additional Sample Options for Integrating Career

1. Discussing Career Qualities of Interest and/or
Career Goals (Example: Ice Breaker activities)

2. Regardless of the course focus/discipline:
Students create study tools/course resources for a
targeted audience of Chaffey Students - those students
with which they share career field interests.

3. "Window-Shopping" for Careers/Apprentices in Your
Fields: Opportunities for students to participate in your
field as apprentice members/ Introducing students to
researching, critical thinking, reading, and writing as
apprentice members of your professional disciplines

4. Student Self-Efficacy re: Career Related Skills/
Identifying Connections Between Course
Activities/Skills and Success in Various
Careers/Successfully Obtaining a Desired Position
(Example: Sample Group Roles)

5. Complementing Your Particular Curriculum/Viewing
the Curriculum Through a Career-Related Lense:

The Circle Through the Lenses of Career
Development/English 1B

6. Introducing students to Chaffey College's career
development resources

7. Career Exploration and Development Assignments

8. Other options?