October 1, 2018
No Class Today: ENGLISH 1A

All of the following materials are also posted on Canvas under 10/1.

Online Visit: Annenberg Photography Space
Please complete the following participation activities on Canvas
under 10/1 to earn four points.
(If Canvas concerns arise, you may write
your responses on paper instead.)

Participation Activities

Activity 1: Freewriting
Explore the
Annenberg Space for Photography website.

Based on this website, freewrite in response to these questions:
a. What are your first impressions of the Annenberg Space for
b. Would you like to visit this place? Why and/or why not?

Activity 2. Discussion Forum
Answer the following questions in one post.

Take time to browse
the list of photography exhibits.
Click on exhibit titles and/or pictures of interest to learn more.

Based on the website:
a. Which exhibit are you most interested in viewing?
b. Audience(s) and Purpose(s) for this exhibit?
c. Analyze one photo from this exhibit by
answering four or more
questions from the attached file. (The questions are on the last two
pages of the file; we worked with these questions last class.)
d. Develop at least one new question to ask other students about this

Activity 3: Discussion Forum
Respond to another student's post in the same forum.

Homework due on 10/3:
The out-of-class assignment due next class is posted as usual.
Please use our regular process for responding to the newest pages
The Circle.