Research Collage
+ Essay Development
English 575 Sample Project Ideas
Individual Project: Career Research Project
development of a text for Chaffey College students
collage analysis essay (including focus on audience and inference)

Group Project: The Hunger Games
educational value claim/policy claim debate
Students write educational policy claim arguments about other subjects but
practice debating/developing educational policy claim arguments.  The first
article in this section of the class is about sixth graders and a cancelled
field trip.
English 1A Sample Project Ideas
Group Project: Animals in Human Societies
- annotated bibliography
- analysis of choices/rhetorical analysis
(incorporating library database sources + student essays + course readings)

Individual Project:
Editorial Cartoon(s) + Sources = Collage
- Annotated Bibliography
- Rhetorical Analysis Essay
- Researched Argument Essay
- cartoon/collage + rhetorical analysis analysis essay
= possibly followed by researched argument essay
(defining issue, causes and effects, policy)
English 7A Sample Project Idea
Group or Individual Collages - Possibly Incorporating Professional and Student
Writing / Bringing Together Examples / Course Concept(s)
Provides Individual and Group Opportunities for focus on:

researching and responding to sources                                            selecting sources

inference and reading / inference and audience                               incorporating sources                                  

narrowing topics                                                                                selecting specific quotes                              

paraphrasing vs. direct quotations                                                   dialectical responses                                    

practice with works cited, in-text citations, and annotated bibliographies

group practice often mirrors individual activities and assignments

students studying (and respecting) student writing as potential sources for collage projects /
collage project partnered with upcoming online English 1A publication, Animals in Human Societies