Level One: As a member of the public, join The Circle and be known
as your
Tru You. We are surprised you haven't already done so.

Level Two: Try to secure a highly coveted job at The Circle.
Your best bet is to try starting in
Customer Experience.

Level Three: Help promote community among Circlers with a proposal
for a game, app, or other community-building option.

Level Four: Share the Kool Aid as a member of The Circle
[Mis]Communications Team (Logical fallacies. Propaganda.
Disinformation. Problematic? We really don't see it that way.)

Level Five: Evaluate one of many projects at The Circle. Perhaps, your
feedback will impress the ultra elite Gang of Forty.

Level Six: Experiment with Circle employment in your desired career

Level Seven: Propose a Circle project in your role as a Gang of Forty

Level Eight: Support The Circle as a utopian Circler or challenge The
Circle as a dystopian whistleblower
"The Circle Game" by Joni Mitchell