1. Do you have videos showing me how to use Canvas?
Overall Canvas Video Guide
(There are many videos, so please feel welcome to e-mail me with requests for more information
about specific Canvas items. I'm pretty familiar with the videos now, so I'll send you direct links to
information as requested.)

2. What if embedded faculty wish to use "Canvas Groups"?
Students are in "Canvas Groups" based on Career Cluster teams in case you
wish to use "Canvas Groups" this semester. Contact me for help if desired.

Here are the specific videos for Canvas Groups:
Canvas Groups (Students)
Canvas Groups (Instructors)

Beyond Career Cluster Groups
As discussed in the group videos: Feel welcome to create optional groups for
students to join by choice.

3. What if embedded faculty wish to offer extra credit assignments and
Each student may earn up to thirty extra credit points this semester by
completing student-choice assignments and activities. You are welcome to
provide options.  (Future semesters = possibly required assignments)

Please share your extra credit ideas with me, so I may help ensure all students
receive related opportunities. (You are welcome to share with all of us, but
making sure everyone gets extra credit opportunities is my responsibility.)

4. What if embedded faculty wish to share event and opportunity

a. Please make sure no one else has already sent out your announcement.

b. We should be mindful and only send out a limited number of announcements
to all project members.

c. Announcements to specific career cluster groups may help individual
students feel recognized. (If you like: Please e-mail me for help with sending
out messages to specific career groups.)

d. You may invite students to join a group for specific kinds of announcements
(example: scholarships) Please feel welcome to contact me for help.

5. Who is responsible for making sure students have Career Cluster

I may e-mail embedded faculty who provide extra credit opportunities to ask if their
materials may be shared with all students through the main announcements area.

During class time and at other times, I may encourage students in all career clusters to
consider materials posted in various Career Cluster areas.

Please note: All students may view items posted to the regular modules area.

Only the optional "Canvas Groups" are private areas.  

I (Mel) am responsible for making sure all students receive opportunities.
That said, please feel welcome to use your expertise to help me! :) !
Your input, ongoing collaboration, and desired level of participation/responsibility
(low to high) = very welcome! This is my rough planning, but this isn't just my
project! I welcome opportunities to collaborate!

1. Overall Canvas Guide
2. Canvas Groups: a Canvas tool
3. Extra Credit Activities
4. Announcements
5. Opportunities for All
Spring 2018
The Career Cluster area is an extra Canvas area where students from all
four of my classes (two English 1A and two English 1B classes) meet. All
of my classes take place in a computer classroom, so we may sign in to
this Canvas area during class time.

Future Semesters: Very Rough Brainstorming
Tentative Plans for Mel's English Classes
(Featuring Chaffey Guided Pathway/Metamajor Teams)

In addition to embedded faculty and peer support:
Team members will work together on overall final projects as part of the English
class requirements.

Each team project will feature an online presence and involve a campus
community-building event. Each community-building event will be designed by a
specific student team for all students in that team's pathway.

For these final projects: Student roles and responsibilities will connect to the
successful completion of course requirements, application of course strategies
beyond the semester, and the ongoing development of soft skills.