I missed class time, and I have a question or questions.

Please review the following instructions for absent students. Then, let me know
if you have follow-up questions. I'm here to help in that case. :) !

Ms. U

You are responsible for completing the following steps if you must miss
class time.

Instructions for Absent Students

As reviewed at the beginning of the semester, you are responsible for
contacting other students  about the missed class session (including
information about homework due next class). (Please check your syllabus
for student contact information. On the first day of class, all students were
encouraged to write down contact information from other class members.)

Canvas Resources for Missed Class Sessions

Visit Canvas and click on "Home." You will see the live schedule for our
class. To view information about missed class sessions,  click on the date’
s “in-class activities.”  Some information (including the day's tentative
schedule and/or resource links) may be available; however, reviewing
these resources does not fully replace class notes and missed instruction.
As stated previously, you are responsible for contacting other class
members for notes and additional missed information.

Although students may not earn points for missed in-class instruction (five
points per day), you do have the opportunity to earn up to thirty extra
credit points this semester. (Syllabus: See the syllabus for "No Questions
Asked" coupon information. Review the "No Questions Asked" coupon
for a peer review session if you miss a peer review day.)

Homework: What work is due next class?

Visit Canvas and click on "home." To view the due homework for a
specific class date, scroll down to that class date. The due work will be
listed. In many cases, you may click on the area to view additional

Follow-Up Questions

I care very much about your success. Let me know if you have follow-up
questions after completing the steps outlined above. (You do not have to
wait until students respond to your information request, but you should
have sent out requests and checked the schedule for missed instruction
and upcoming homework information.)

Allow 24 hours (during the week) and forty eight hours (during the
weekend) for my response.

Advice Hours
Also, please remember that I'm available during advice hours (Mondays:
11-1, Tuesdays 11-12, and Thursdays 11-1) to help you in person and by


Ms. U