Accelerated English
Chaffey College
** Chaffey College: Accelerated Learning Website

** Same curriculum as semester courses:
English 1B, English 1A, English 450, English 550

** fewer weeks/same time expectations                                              
(seven or eight weeks = each day is the equivalent of a week or more)

** experimenting with cohorts (example: 550 & 450 in one semester)

** experimenting with stand-alone                                                          
(example: 450 & 450 taught by same teacher with different students)

** Number of Accelerated vs. Total English Class Sections

** Accelerated English Classes:  Fall 2011 / Spring 2012
** Fast-Track: Accelerated Courses in Other Disciplines

** E-mail Melissa to receive research materials, related to accelerated
learning at Chaffey College.