English 1B
Today's Class
In-text Citations
Works Cited Page

Part A: Source Use Resources  
1. Sign in to Canvas.

2. Visit our regular class area.

3. Click on Home (or Modules)

4. Scroll down to the materials for this class week. Look for
today's date: 3/22

5. Watch today's lecture video. (You will see a link.)

6. With thoughtful consideration of source crediting:
Homework: (worth 25 points) Prepare your peer review draft.
Bring your copies of your peer review draft to class on Tuesday.

Part B: Career Cluster Project
Please visit the Utsler-All Classes area on Canvas.  
Complete at least one of the following:

Option A: Reply to a post or posts.
a. Read over the newest posts from your Career Cluster team's student
members, embedded counselor (may not be available yet), and/or your
team's embedded librarian (may not be available yet).

At least one time: Press "reply" and write a message in response to one
of these posts. (You may also "like" posts on Canvas.)

Option B: Post an informal note.
Post an informal note in the your team's student lounge.

Option C: Post a new question or resource.
Post at least one new message in your team's research question and/or
resource areas.

(Please e-mail me if you have any trouble accessing
the materials.)