Only utopians can build utopia.

Only the best work at The Circle.

Entry-level positions in customer experience available now.

Attempt to qualify for an interview.

Step One: Research The Circle. Develop a sample career
announcement for a position in Customer Experience.

Step Two: Submit a resume and cover letter.

Step Three: Join a team of prospective applicants to complete
the following:
a. Analysis of sample
presentation and vision.
b. Submit a presentation: What is TruYou?
c. Submit a vision: What is TruYou?
a. Team Evaluation: Discuss the quality
of this sample
presentation and future

b. Team Presentation: What is TruYou?
Create a presentation that introduces
TruYou to the world.

c. Team's Future Vision of TruYou
Create a vision for where TruYou is
going. What should TruYou look like in
the future?
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