Flipped Classroom:
Instructional Challenges
Finding the Right Videos
a. Use Ted Ed, YouTube, Other Online Resources
b. Develop your own videos
c. Use resources other than videos (Powerpoint/podcast/Other)

Selecting/Developing Materials Other Than Videos (Link to Online

Accessing Creative Resources for Video Development  (visuals -
photography, illustrations/music/etc.)
a. Develop your creative skills (as needed)
b. Use royalty-free materials
c. Use
Powtoon (sample video) or another software program which features
graphics and music
d. Record yourself (lecture style)

Software and Fees Required
Access free online resources/free trials.

Time Required to Create Videos, Lessons, and Activities
a. Use this model as another tool in your instructional toolkit and develop
materials over time
b. Consider collaborating with colleagues/Sharing materials
c. Some materials may be used multiple times and/or revised over time  
d. You already have materials and activities available for flipping your
classroom.  (Is this really a new concept?)
e. Enjoy! Developing materials can be a creative, purposeful, and fun way to
spend time.