Editing Strategies
Strategies for Editing Your Writing

Read Aloud Strategy
Read your composition aloud (to yourself or to
another person or persons).  Identify and label
sentences and parts of sentences which could be
more reader-friendly.  E
dit as appropriate.

Checklist of LOC Patterns
Develop a checklist of common lower order
concerns within your writing.  Then, take additional
time to double check for each checklist issue when
you edit.  Edit as appropriate.  Continue to update
your checklist as you develop your writing skills.

Use Course And Campus Resources
The bigger textbook features multiple chapters,
dedicated to strategies for identifying and editing
specific errors.  The smaller grammar handbook
features extensive explanations of various errors.  
The Writing Center offers Directed Learning
Activities, focused on specific errors.  During her
office hours and by appointment, Ms. Utsler
assists students with various aspects of the writing

Last to First Strategy
Edit from last sentence to first sentence.  

Line By Line
Use a book or ruler to isolate and to edit one line at
a time.