Educational Plan
Revision Notes
Melissa Utsler
Game-Based Learning
DESMA X 481.20
Professor Fujimoto
Challenge #1: Final Feedback

Hi Mel, great job on your lesson
plan using the Bad News
educational game. I played the
game when it first came out and
liked that it showed how easy it is
to spread fake news.

I really like the assessment idea of
each team creating and presenting
a disinformation campaign that
decorates your door and includes
a museum type piece (I assume
like a mini-exhibit or
posterboard?). It would be great
to video or photograph each
presentation for them to add to
their portfolios.

The only suggestion I have is to
include some details about playing
the game - duration, how to play
(solo play or together),
post-game discussion or activity,

Overall, a well thought out lesson
- nice work!

Lesson Plan Outline: Challenge One

Students will play the Bad News game and identify
the various disinformation dissemination strategies
used during the game.

Students will read about propaganda techniques.

Students will design disinformation campaigns and
will then present these campaigns.


Brief description of lesson plan

This lesson focuses on understanding disinformation
and propaganda techniques. Students are sometimes
tempted to incorporate internet sources without
appropriate evaluation and review. This lesson
focuses specifically on helping students recognize
disinformation and propaganda. (Primary and
secondary sources + evaluation of sources = will be
addressed in a different lesson)

Grade Levels

English 1B - Advanced Composition (Argument and
Critical Thinking course)

Learning Objectives

At the end of this lesson, students will be able to:

Understand strategies used to share disinformation
Understand propaganda techniques
Recognize these techniques in action

Teacher Preparation & Lesson Activities

The students will read The Circle over a series of
classes. While the students read The Circle, they will
also create disinformation campaigns for the world of
The Circle. The game, Bad News, will be used as part
of the introduction to this project. The teacher will
help facilitate student understanding and timing as
they work on the projects. The teacher will bring
supplies (including markers and newsprint paper).


Description of how lesson will assess student learning
all of the objectives

The students will present their disinformation
campaigns for assessment. Disinformation
campaigns will require uses of multiple kinds of
propaganda techniques as well as plans for
communicating this disinformation.

Reference Materials

The Circle book

Bad News information sheet (Links to an external
site.)Links to an external site.

Bad News game  (Links to an external site.)Links to
an external site.

propaganda techniques (I am still looking for a high
quality online resource. Otherwise, I will use the
reading about propaganda in our textbook, Practical
Argument (Links to an external site.)Links to an
external site..)

Academic Content Standards

From English Department Documents

Student Learning Outcome: Demonstrate mastery in
evaluating, integrating, and documenting sources.

English 1B Syllabus CONTENT (Scope and
Description of Content):

Examination of logical fallacies, rhetorical devices,
advertising and propaganda, devices that distort and
conceal meaning, and media influences

What will occur:

Toward the end of the semester, each team will have
time to present their campaigns. Each group will
have a week to decorate my office door with their
disinformation campaign. They will also include a
museum style analysis piece to help viewers
understand the types of disinformation being used.
(An announcement of next semester's class and the
use of the same book - The Circle will also be


This will take place over a series of weeks as the
students read the book and identify propaganda in
action during the book. This will be one of a series of
projects that we are working on at the same time.
The students will use dialectical responses and other
critical reading strategies (Links to an external
site.)Links to an external site. to help them consider
connections between The Circle and
How and why did I update my first challenge work for the final

The Player Experience: I linked the first and fourth challenges by making Bad
a part of the world of The Circle and the gamification of the class. By
doing so, I hope to make the first challenge lesson more engaging for students.

The Updated Lesson Plan: As suggested in the feedback below, I also flushed
out some more details about the ways that Bad News will be incorporated into
the lesson. Doing this has helped me to further figure out the pacing for this
section of the class and determine which elements of the lesson will be
completed individually, in pairs, in small groups, and as a full class.

Click here to review the entire new area which leads players to both the Bad
News area and the disinformation team/collaboration area.

Click here to go directly to the newly created student instructions for Bad News.