Class Collaboration:
Throughout the Semester

Group Creation:
random/student choice (as appropriate)

Group Roles:
use if/when beneficial
adjust for various activities
(example: add photographer role to receive copies of group
work/possibly post group ideas online as appropriate)

Instructional Toolbox:
Consider Regular Integration of Informal Options

Connect to CORs/SLOs

Communication About Objectives of Activities
(Possibly Ask Students to Share Their Thoughts About Objectives)

Instructional Choices May Vary
providing specific feedback (usually important, but . . .)
quality of expected work (high quality usually emphasized, but . . .)
establishing time periods
extent of directions (often very specific, but . . .)
instructor roles during group activities

Depending on Activity Purposes
(Many Specific Purposes, Connecting Back to Objectives)
class warm-up: introducing a concept/reviewing a concept

mirroring individual projects with group project practice

emphasizing critical thinking/students asking their own questions
(answering themselves and/or providing questions for other groups/in-class

preparing for a test

entire educational process
from idea generation through to final assessment


Student Expectations and Collaboration:
Please click here to visit an excellent resource (shared by Cindy Walker)

Sample Activities from Mel's Classes
Honest Discussion of Group Activities
philosophy, purposes, student expectations of groups,
past experiences / Check-ins during the semester

Sample Informal Activities (E-mail Mel for more information.)
Group list/brainstorm ideas (possibly pass to another group to be annotated/big sheets
of paper and markers tend to work well)

quiz/test/study guide creation (possibly pass to another group to take/ possibly use
good questions on an actual quiz/test)

A & B Pairs

dialectical responses (sample form for English 575/informal student resposes/may be
adjusted for various classes and levels)

Four Corners

Sample Extended Activity: Possibly Formal, Informal, In Between
Research Collage

Sample Grand Finale: End of the Semester
Class Debate followed by Related In-Class Essay
(possibly on two different days)
Mel's Notes
Please continue scrolling down to the bottom of the web page for additional
information.  (formatted for presentation)