Promoting Self-Efficacy and
Active Reading Through
Flipped Strategy Uses
Flipped Classroom: Overview Video (one perspective)

Flipped Using Moodle:
From Terri Helfand, Distance Education Coordinator:
Distance EducationTraining Guide

Flipped With Ted Ed:
Sample: Flipped Out-of-Class Using Ted (would be
followed by in-class discussion and group practice)

Self-Efficacy / triangle

Self-Efficacy (presentation by Professor Frank Pajares)

self-efficacy resources

Strategy Menus: In and Out of Class
Sample Menu: Rhetorical Strategies

Sample Menu: Active Reading Strategies

A strategy menu may work as one form of glue,
connecting in-class and out-of-class elements of the
flipped classroom.

Strategy menu uses (individually/in groups) may
help students develop higher senses of self-efficacy
when completing related tasks.