The Hunger Games and Higher Education
Hunger Games: The Course
Union College heads to the 'Hunger Games' for English 100 course
Lessons Learned From The Hunger Games
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Is The Hunger Games a Satire?  
Why ‘The Hunger Games’ doesn’t satirize reality TV — it celebrates it
When Reality Overwhelms Satire: What the Hunger Games Reveals
Antidote to Cynicism? Analyzing the Hunger Games
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To what extent does The Hunger Games have Value?  
How much?  In what ways?  For whom?
Hunger Games Film: a Child-Slaughtering Time Waster
Review: Hunger Games
Review: Hunger Games
Rotten Tomatoes: Hunger Games Reviews
Schools Debate the Educational Value
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Who should/should not read The Hunger Games?
I Was Wrong About the Hunger Games
Hunger Games Again On List of Challenged Books
Parents Wrestle With Whether or Not to Let Young Kids See "Hunger Games"
Should I Let My Ten Year Old Read The Hunger Games?
What Kids Are Reading, In School and Out
We Didn't Start the Fire: Young Adult Reading Controversy
Darkness Too Visible
Seeing Teenagers As We Wish They Were: The Debate Over YA Fiction
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Beyond The Hunger Games
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Hunger Games: A Dark Mirror on Our Own World

Hunger Games Fandom: Can it become a force for good?

Hunger Games and Gender

Tracking the teen heroines of the new dystopian thrillers

Suzanne Collins's War Stories for Kids (Spoilers!  This article contains
spoilers for all three books in the series)
Thai Protestors Are Detained After Using Hunger Games Salute

Isis and Mockingjay

Hunger Games Cast:  Ebola PSA

Then and Now: "Rue of Hunger Games is All Grown Up and Ready to
Teach You a Lesson About Race"
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