English 475: Fundamentals of College Reading & Writing

• 4 units
• one-level below transfer
• 5 hrs. in Success Center

Careful study and practice of critical thinking, reading, and expository writing techniques,
using primarily nonfiction texts, and the frequent writing of compositions with the ultimate
goal of writing an essay using sources. Prepares the student for English 1A and a variety of
academic disciplines. Five hours of supplemental learning in a Success Center that supports
this course are required.

   Write an essay with a clear thesis and documented sources.
   Read critically to analyze and evaluate a variety of nonfiction texts and in a variety of  
   Analyze the rhetorical features of texts.

        Academic reading and writing contexts (audience, purpose, tone, bias, inference, etc.)
        Critical thinking and reading strategies for non-fiction texts
  (comprehension, analysis, evaluation, synthesis)
        Development and application of academic vocabulary
        Patterns of essay organization and development
        (including exposition and argumentation)
        Elements of an effective academic essay (thesis, supporting evidence, coherence, etc.)
        Application of the writing process
        Revising and editing instruction tailored to the student's individual needs
        Introduction to the research process, MLA format, and the use of sources
        Academic success strategies (notetaking, outlining, annotating, etc.)