English 575: Introduction to College Reading & Writing
• 4 units
• two-levels below transfer
• 7 hrs. in Success Center

An introduction to the academic reading, writing, critical thinking, and study skills expected
at the college level with the ultimate goal of producing clear, competent essays. Emphasizes
the connections between reading and writing, and students read and write extensively. Seven
hours of supplemental learning in a Success Center that supports this course are required.

        Write an essay including a thesis and supporting evidence.
        Apply appropriate reading strategies suited to the text.
        Analyze interconnected functions of audience, purpose, genre, tone, and role.

        Reading and writing contexts (audience, purpose, tone, etc.)
        Reading and writing processes and strategies
        Reading comprehension, evaluation, and response
        Vocabulary development (context, connotation, denotation)
        Elements of paragraphs and essays (main idea, supporting examples, etc.)
        Grammar instruction in the context of student writing
        Basics of incorporating outside sources
        Student success strategies (time management, notetaking, etc.)