Location / Setting: 7:00 pm School Board Meeting

The circumstances:
Ninth grade students in English and Spanish classes
are scheduled to
take a field trip to see Pan's Labyrinth, but not everyone is in favor of
this plan.

Groups of People in Attendance  
a. Administration
(Principal, Vice Principal)
School Board Members
c. Teachers and Parents who support the field trip
d. Parents and Teachers who oppose the field trip
e. High Quality Sources with appropriate expertise who have agreed to
be interviewed
f. Student Government Representatives - students from this high
school who have been elected by their peers to represent them
g. Representatives from the theater showing the film

For each group:
1.) What is the group's main, overall claim?  Is it a fact, value, or policy
2.) a.) What reasons does the group provide to argue the claim?  
b.) What kind(s) of evidence does the group use and/or may the group
use to support these reasons?
3.) What additional reasons could the group offer?
4.) What point(s) could you raise to challenge the group's claim?
and/or What questions do you have for the group?
5.) Appeals
6.) Common Ground?
Assumption(s) Audience Must Accept?            
English 1A
School Board Meeting
Simulation Game