Pedagogical Strategies

First: A Warm Up Activity

Focused Freewrite
Consider your instructional tool box.  Discuss one or two
pedagogical strategies you would like to share with other
instructors.  How may these strategies engage students in
active learning?  

(This is a chance to think on paper.  Don't judge your ideas.  
Just write.  This text is for you, an audience of one!)

Group Discussion / Listing Activity

What are some pedagogical strategies that you
are going to use in class to teach the new

Group Review / Annotation Activity

Switch lists with another group.
Annotate this new list.
Review your group's list (including the annotations
from others).  

Choose one strategy to share with all of us.
Share With All of Us/Big Group Discussion

Please share one strategy your group discussed.

(Continuing the Conversation: Discussion Board)