As diligent Chaffey College students study for midterms, their minds sometimes fill with
images of future rewards for those long hours of difficult coursework.  Long-lasting
rewards, such as those related to their careers, may come to mind first.  These images
are positive, and these rewards take time and patience to receive.  In addition to long-
term rewards, short-term rewards may provide hard-working students with increased
motivation.  Like pond-sized bowls of ice-cream to dieters at a Weight-Watchers
meeting, short-term rewards can engage the minds of hard-working students who are
postponing moments of fun for serious course focus.  Supporting long-term goals with
short-term rewards, students can provide themselves with special treats for motivation
at moments when long-term rewards feel a bit far into the future.  Even costly rewards,
purchased by credit cards, may be appropriate financial investments when students are
feeling particularly frustrated; visits to expensive amusement parks, for example, are
likely to be less expensive than the long term outcomes of dropping out of college
courses.  At moments of frustration, students can remind themselves of the enjoyment
just ahead of them as they struggle with the most challenging of their study tasks.  
Chaffey College students who are using a short-term rewards program for extra
motivation should consider the benefits of visiting California Adventure’s “Electrical
Parade,” such as the illuminated parade floats, familiar Disney characters,
appropriately themed music, and memorable child-like moments.
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