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Spring 2018
Joining Our Circle as an Embedded Faculty Member
Fall 2017
Courageous Conversations: Inclusive Instruction for LGBTQ+ Students

Spring 2017
No Invisible Students: Enhancing Participation in the Classroom

Fall 2016
Fall 2016 Evaluation Materials

FLEX 2016
Using Flipped Classroom Strategies to Promote Active Reading

Bloom's Taxonomy

Accelerated English
Accelerated English Courses at Chaffey College

Teaching Demo Materials: English Department Meeting (First Time)
Demo Day
Four Different Models of Learning
Matching Teaching Style to Learning Style May Not Help Students
Demo Homework

Teaching Demo Materials: English Department Meeting (Second Time)

Faculty Success Center
Summer Institute 2010: First Day Activities
Collaborative Learning
Infusion: Career Exploration and Career Development Skills

Student Self-Efficacy
Self-Efficacy Resources
Presentation: College Success, Self-Efficacy, & Goal Orientation
Chaffey College Career Center

Previous Courses
English 500
English 550
English 450

New Courses

Conference Presentation: June 2014
Conference Presentation: October 2013

Poster and Essay Assignment
Collage and Essay Assignment
Real California Prompt
Responding to Mila Parks or "Money for Morality"
Service Learning Project: Reading Kits for Kids

Faculty Inquiry Team
Faculty/Student Interaction
Questions to Engage Students from Harvard Website
Different Question Types

Flipping the Classroom (Participation as Student)
Person Analysis Table
Work in Progress
Essay Assignment: Self-Efficacy Project
575 Person Agreement Test

Flex: Fall 2014
Sample Home Page: English Department Photo Album

GIFTS Flex Panel:Integrating Career Development Across the

Faculty Success Center

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Summer 2018: Game-Based Learning Course