Location / Setting: meeting room at The Circle

The circumstances:
The Circle's gang of forty is meeting to discuss proposals for
upcoming Dream Friday events and other Circle projects.

Groups of People in Attendance

a. Current Circle Leadership
b. Gang of 40 members working in "The Old West"
c. Gang of 40 members working in "The Rennaissance"
(review/break down by career professions - medical, culinary,
business, couseling, marketing, etc.)
d. Gang of 40 members working at "The Glass Eatery"
e. Congresswoman who has decided to go transparent and other
members of Congress who support The Circle
f. The Circle Whistle-blowers = a group of individuals from all parts of
The Circle who do not agree with current Circle practices
g. "Mercer's Legacy" college club = members of the club and club
advisors - college students and professors who live and study outside
of The Circle - on a field trip to the campus
h. Congress members and voters who are concerned for the country's
status of a democracy and believe the congresswoman was right to
raise concerns  

For each group:
1.) What is the group's main, overall claim?  Is it a fact, value, or policy
2.) a.) What reasons does the group provide to argue the claim?  
b.) What kind(s) of evidence does the group use and/or may the group
use to support these reasons?
3.) What additional reasons could the group offer?
4.) What point(s) could you raise to challenge the group's claim?
and/or What questions do you have for the group?
5.) Appeals
6.) Common Ground?
Assumption(s) Audience Must Accept?            
English 1B
Gang of Forty Meeting
Simulation Game